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Mind Noise Network

Postby MNNDK » Wed Jan 21, 2015 10:38 am

Hi guys,

My name is Dan and I've just started up my new site Mind Noise Network. We've only been going a few months but have already got some good stuff up on site (interview with Ryan from SOiL is my personal favourite!).

Come on over and have a look and let me know what you think at www.mindnoisenetwork.com

Also, we're looking for new writers that are eager to get their name out there and smaller bands to do pieces on for our new Introducing feature. If you're in a band or know someone that is, get in touch here: mindnoisenetwork@gmail.com.

Thanks for reading my ramblings and I look forward to hearing from you!


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Re: Mind Noise Network

Postby FestiBalls » Wed May 06, 2015 2:54 pm

Nice work - is it mostly reviews and interviews?


Re: Mind Noise Network

Postby MNNDK1 » Wed May 06, 2015 4:30 pm

FestiBalls wrote:Nice work - is it mostly reviews and interviews?

Hi, I had to start a new account as the other one got locked/I forgot the password.

It is news (which we've just introduced as we're starting to grow quite nicely), reviews or established bands and some 'Introducing' pieces on smaller bands trying to get their name out there and interviews.

Currently we're struggling because we have more albums to review than people/time to review them in!

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