All the officially confirmed acts for Sonisphere UK 2011
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Re: Architects

Postby prayforvillains » Tue Jun 14, 2011 12:04 pm

DIO wrote:
ChicagoTed wrote:
prayforvillains wrote:I like Architects, but they were gooseberry with BMTH.

Really :o I thought they were awesome at Glasgow, better than BMTH. Though Parkway Drive stole the show for me.

Exactly what I thought, Architects were top of their game at Manchester but Parkway Drive were really something else..

Parkway definitely stole the show. Yeah I was really looking forward to Architects, but they mainly just played their new stuff, and they didn't really bother getting the crowd going apart from when they made everyone get on eachothers shoulders. Shame really.
whoaalex wrote:i'll let you spit roast me :lol: 8-)

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Re: Architects

Postby ChicagoTed » Mon Jul 04, 2011 10:41 pm

Just seen their setlist for the Hellfest.

Follow The Water
Day In Day Out
Numbers Count For Nothing
The Blues
Learn To Live
Stay Young Forever
Early Grave

No Hollow Crown :(

Also, if you didn't know, Ali Dino has returned to the band :D and with a new Dino shirt :lol:

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