BMerch post-festival order

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BMerch post-festival order

Postby BlackGarden » Wed Jul 20, 2011 4:19 pm

Having missed out on some of the merch at the festival itself, we checked the website as soon as we got back to see if they had stock there of the things we wanted. Not only did they have the things my other half wanted, but they also had them in XXL (even though the merch stands at the festival only stocked up to XL), which was great.

So, I placed an order Tuesday last week. The same day I got a confirmation saying my order had been processed and I would receive a dispatch email very soon. By Friday I was thinking "well this is a bit slow" so I sent an email. On Monday there was no reply so I sent another email in case it wasn't clear enough which order I was on about.

Today, with no reply to either email, I tried contacting them by phone. Well I eventually found their phone number hidden at the end of their terms and conditions, and rang them. I got a recorded message, pressed the button I was told to press for customer queries, and after a minute of absolute silence I got cut off. Repeated this 3 times.

Not sure what to do now. I paid via PayPal so I'm thinking of opening a dispute there but I'd rather sort this out directly and find if there is stock, and if so, when we can get it. Anyone got any suggestions or has anyone actually managed to get in touch with BMerch lately?

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