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** Explanation Of This New Forum **

Posted: Fri Feb 26, 2010 11:42 am
by Drumstick
Okay so as you would have noticed you are now rummaging through a brand new sub forum. This is for discussions for the other Sonisphere festivals taking place throughout the continent this Summer. All of us in the Admin / Mods team had decided that the discussions regarding Sonisphere Poland, Switzerland etc etc were just clogging up our UK boards! So considering a lot of you seem to be going to the other Sonisphere festivals taking place we thought you could all chat about it in here. If a thread regarding any other Sonisphere festival, apart from our Knebworth, UK one is made in the General Discussion area we will move it here and more than likely leave NO shadow topic in place. You have been warned :twisted: ENJOY YOUR SONISPHERE SUMMER !!! :music-deathmetal: