Sonisphere Rules and Guidance

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Sonisphere Rules and Guidance

Postby Team Sonisphere » Sun Mar 08, 2009 11:38 pm

We like things to be kept simple and straightforward, but we also acknowledge that from time to time some form of order has to be in place. If you keep to within the following rules and regulations, then our job will be much easier:

This is an all ages forum – if you intend to post something that is not likely to be suitable for all ages, please think again.

No links to adult websites, websites with disturbing images, or websites containing images of extreme violence.

No images containing sex, nudity, gore, or violence are permitted.

No trolling or time wasting.

No harassment of other members. If we get a complaint about harassment, we will investigate and those guilty of harassing another will have their account removed.

Healthy debate and banter are fine, but don’t get personal with each other. If a thread condescends into a slating match, it will be locked or deleted depending on the severity of it.

Promoting your band or another rock/metal event is fine, but do not post multiple threads about it. One thread is more than enough. Multiple threads on the same subject will be deleted. Also be a dear and pop it in the music news section.

If in doubt about any of these, please contact one of the moderation team.

The Moderation Team

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