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Welcome to the Sonisphere Forums everyone!

The Sonisphere name was thought up in the heady mists of summer 2008. Sonisphere was always going to be a developing idea and certainly isn't anywhere near finished yet. The visuals came when we found ourselves watching a Keanu Reeves movie. That spawned the spinning globe, the concept being that it flies through space landing in each country where we planned to create a festival.

Kilimanjaro are a small team and our huge idea created a huge amount of work so we prioritised getting the concept across to the bands we wanted to put on our stages as well as our partners in the other European countries. At the same time as this we were pulling together everything we needed to let everyone else know it was going to happen. This included the logo and a website. We know it hasn't been perfect and we have made a couple of mistakes. The layout is wrong, the flash too clunky, there were a few typos and the artwork was too cheery for the totally thunderous line-up of bands that were jumping on the idea. But, we aren’t afraid to put our hands up when something isn’t working the way we wanted it to and in turn all of these are being changed as we speak.

We are now very happy with the new artwork going to press. As mentioned, the website is having a rejig and best of all today's announcement of Nine Inch Nails, Anthrax, Killing Joke and Airbourne seems to be getting a unanimous thumbs up which cheers us up on a Monday morning!

Lastly we would also like to announce the opening of the Sonsiphere message boards. We are going to start with the UK board first and then add one for each European one in due course to create a truly international community. We have a list of people who want to be mods. Some of the names you might recognise if you are regular boardies on other boards so go and say hello. Let’s all get involved and start evolving these festivals together…

Team Sonisphere

We’ve tried to keep these as simple as possible for your benefit but if you have any suggestions to improve the forums as a whole, please contact a member of the moderation team. For ease of reference the moderators are:

Also please have a look at the rules and guidance before you go mad and start posting, just so you’re aware of the boundaries of this place.

The Moderation Team

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