Anyone else frustrated will BabyMetal?

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Re: Anyone else frustrated will BabyMetal?

Postby CC Deville » Tue Jul 01, 2014 11:00 pm

I still don't like the annoying singing. Also, I don't think they'll take off over here....well not compared to Japan anyway. They are the sort of act that could go on forever though. Change singer/dancer/band member and I doubt it would make a difference to their sound. From a marketing point of view they are perfect...all members are replaceable but the big money making audience in the UK are schoolgirls (think One D) and I really can't see UK teeny boppers liking that sort of music. It is not radio friendly either.

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Re: Anyone else frustrated will BabyMetal?

Postby Epic Failure » Tue Jul 01, 2014 11:12 pm

ThornDavis wrote:
Epic Failure wrote:I think everyone's overlooking the fact that they just aren't any good (yes, yes, I know, that's just my opinion).

Also, it isn't racist to say that you find aspects of a culture creepy. That's your personal view of what an aspect of that culture is. It's like saying you find Michael Bay's infatuation with women in skimpy tops running away from explosions creepy. Not everyone will agree with you, but that's a personal choice thing.

The difference is that you're talking about a particular cultural artefact vs a generalisation about a culture as a whole. If someone articulated why Babymetal specifically was creepy, then your point would stand. Saying 'it's creepy because... well... it's Japan and they are well creepy' is... if not racist then at the very least problematic. It's like saying "Rammstein use aspects of fascist imagery in their music and shows - they and their audience must be Nazis because parts of German culture are steeped in Nazism". Each item deserves to be investigated on its own merits - we credit Rammstein with some sophistication beyond the lamest cultural stereotype and should make the same allowance for any other band. If the case can be made for Babymetal specifically being creepy, people should go ahead and do it with out invoking the stereotype of a bunch of humourless Japanese businessmen all carrying samurai swords on the bullet train and eating sandwiches made out of schoolgirls' nappies, or whatever.

To be honest, the most aggravating thing about red demons post is the complete lack of substance whatsoever:

FFS I can't believe people are trying to justify Babymetal as anything other than a deeply cynical

"Right folks, my reading is the only one that counts and anyone who disagrees with me is wrong"

(and creepy)

"and probably a paedophile"

marketing ploy.

Irrelevant - the circumstances behind the creation of a book/ painting/ song have no relevance to people's reacton to it. Some great works of art have been done for the money, many terrible ones have been created for passion. What matters is what people take away from it and if people say they're not turned on by the girls and sincerely enjoy the music I'm prepared to take them at their word.

Schoolgirls singing j-pop over metal doesn't make it metal.

Irrelevant - whether something is 'metal' or not is hardly the sole arbiter of its worth.

Equally closing your eyes to the creepiness of a lot of Japanese culture (including this)

Lazy stereotyping, and every culture has problematic elements, but that doesn't make everything produced by that culture the same - the Japanese don't operate as a hive mind any more than we do. If you can make a case for Babymetal being creepy beyond "Eurgh you know - Japan and schoolgirls man" then do it. Don't just rely on Japan = creepy therefore this = creepy.

doesn't make it right in the same way that alot of Western culture is f*cked up when it comes to sexualising young girls/women...

Indeed - but within our own culture we address each case on its own merits. It would be foolish to argue that Dora the Explorer was somehow problematic just because Bratz exist and actually are problematic. Don't talk about every item produced by every Japanese person as though they're all the same - if you have an issue with Babymetal, articulate it using examples from Babymetal - don't just back it up by invoking a tired generalisation.

I agree to an extent, but I also think that you can generalise wider than a specific band to a genre/specific cultural aspect/whatever without it being as tired as you say. Babymetal are one example of the idol culture which does have common themes which some people might find uncomfortable. You can say they are an example of a wider phenomenon in the same way that you can say Michael Bay is simply the most successful of the "mindless action" film-makers and attribute certain things to him that could equally be applied to a wider genre of Western films (not actual Westerns obviously, they are awesome, especially ones directed by Sergio Leone).

Also, you accuse him of basically suggesting that people who disagree with him are paedophiles and he's clearly doing nothing of the sort; that really is a strawman. And although I don't really know you as I've only been on here a few weeks, I'd still like to think that your posting generally suggests you are smart enough to know that...

Anyway, let's all be friends. :D
Stoppin and stayin, I would if I could

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Re: Anyone else frustrated will BabyMetal?

Postby overagekid » Wed Jul 02, 2014 12:08 am

Epic Failure wrote:
Anyway, let's all be friends. :D

Agreed: like the band or not: have a problem with them as a thing or not; we're all here because we like music in general.
I like people being friends, and we may have contrasting opinions, but what the hey, no-ones mind is gonna be changed on here, so lets forget it and enjoy Sonny :)

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Re: Anyone else frustrated will BabyMetal?

Postby GazH » Wed Jul 02, 2014 11:49 am

They've got an awesome sound, the musicians really need to be praised. Not so fussed on the singing but then I'm not Japanese so don't have a clue what they're singing about (though that never stopped me with Rammstein!). I'll be watching them, it's going to be something to remember for sure.

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