VIP/Guest Camping

Got any feedback for us from our first UK appearance, let us know about it in here
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Re: VIP/Guest Camping

Postby Daviephd » Tue Aug 04, 2009 12:17 am

I had a four person pre-pitched tent;

Location; very good, 5 minutes from Arena.
Parking; brilliant right next to tent.
Toilets; OK but not great, seen better seen a lot worse.
Lighting; rubbish, you need some better lighting as withouy head lamps you were totally in the dark
Showers; OK but you need more of them
Shop; could really do with a shop at the VIP bit for 2010

Generally worth the extra cash and definitely good value compared to the difference between VIP/Normal at other festivals.

Looking forward to 2010.

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Re: VIP/Guest Camping

Postby NINtallica » Tue Aug 04, 2009 7:28 am

Not really sure why some people thought that their VIP ticket would get them backstage, the VIP area was huge so backstage would have been packed!

This is what should have been in your goodie bag - - by the time i got there it was just a t-shirt and bandana - not best pleased. :(

Way too many people in VIP for the facilities.

Im getting a day ticket next year (if the bill is good) and just driving home each evening.
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Re: VIP/Guest Camping

Postby drone » Tue Aug 04, 2009 11:36 am

Has anyone got an address you can write to regarding the VIP hotel packages?

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Re: VIP/Guest Camping

Postby amyfrank » Tue Aug 04, 2009 12:12 pm

NINtallica wrote:This is what should have been in your goodie bag - - by the time i got there it was just a t-shirt and bandana - not best pleased. :(

What?! I didn't even get that tshirt! All I got was the 2 'magazines' and the bandana. Dreadful. I'd have loved the hair products..

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Re: VIP/Guest Camping

Postby bakers123 » Tue Aug 04, 2009 2:52 pm

hi everyone, this was my first festival and to be honest it was not as bad as i thought it was going to be, had heard some really bad horror stories.
i thought the festival was exellent!
the bands i wanted to see Linkin Park, Heaven & Hell, Saxon were amazing and got up real close to all bands, i have to admit (dont hit me) but id never seen Metallica live before, but i found them utterley amazing and will deffo be going to see them again, my daughter and her b/f dragged me along to see Cancer Bats and i found them excellent too and the way the tent was packed out alot of other people did too (deffo should have been playing on the outside stage).
i was camping in the VIP bit with ready-made tent and sleeping bags with blow up beds...was very comfy and everyone round us was very friendly, the lads next door were abit noisy at night but were very funny (and to be expected i think) - all in all a great weekend.
i guess like everyone else i have to say (more toilets and more showers), always found the VIP toilets (not camp ones but ones near the bar and bbq) always ok.
thanks sonisphere for a great weekend and will deffo be going again next year.
and dare i be brave enough and say it.........
heard it most nights in the camp.....
wish id done it years ago.
and a BIG :bow-yellow: to all the staff...

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Re: VIP/Guest Camping

Postby psalms » Tue Aug 04, 2009 2:55 pm

Much of this has been said already but here goes:
Good Points:

Campsite was in a great location for access to both the arena and for entering / leaving the site.
Staff were all friendly and helpful on the gate despite not really having all the information they needed to make things go smoothly.
Noise levels after the bands finished were generally kept to a minimum (one of the main reasons for going VIP imho). As MarkyG said, a curfew would re-inforce this.
Despite the lack of bins, rubbish was kept really low the whole weekend.
VIP bar and area were good once they finally opened!

Bad Points:

Wristband checking was appalling - even saw a few people wandering around with no wristbands at all! Could explain the robberies mentioned above. Also people could wander freely between VIP, VIP guest and Contractor camping. Not good.
Needed at least 3 times the number of toilets and showers dotted about the campsite. Ended up walking to the main arena most days for the morning constitutional.
Would have been nice to have had the VIP bar open on the Friday or before. Thought opening it on Saturday afternoon kind of defeated the object.
A small shop in the campsite would have been welcomed as well for the essentials.

Overall though had a good time and will be going again as VIP. Just needs to be a few first time niggles sorted out and it will be great rather than just good.
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Re: VIP/Guest Camping

Postby Starscream » Tue Aug 04, 2009 3:13 pm

I'd say that the only good points of the VIP camping area were the location and space we had to pitch our tent.

I found the staff on the desk rude, and they only seemed interested in getting drunk. (We were camped only a few yards from the desk). I was disappointed that we didn't get our tickets back, and and one of the girls on the desk actually laughed at me when I enquired whether we'd get them back. Myself and a few others believed that the VIP camping staff were selling them on to their mates.

The toilets were disgusting, with what appeared to be liquidised fecal matter spreading across the ground.

The security SUCKED. I could have easily walked into the arena with a wheel barrow full of JD and weed, and not have been stopped.

I was incredibly disappointed with the way VIP "backstage" was described. It gave the impression that we'd be at least meeting some people of note. When I was RIP at Download 07, I was sat next to Vinnie Paul, and chatting with Lauren Harris, and had my picture taken with Kerry King.

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Re: VIP/Guest Camping

Postby Clarkey » Tue Aug 04, 2009 4:23 pm

NINtallica wrote:This is what should have been in your goodie bag - - by the time i got there it was just a t-shirt and bandana - not best pleased. :(

Ooh, you saw my tweets, thankyou for that!

amyfrank wrote:What?! I didn't even get that tshirt! All I got was the 2 'magazines' and the bandana. Dreadful. I'd have loved the hair products..

I was one of the first in (I think i was about 4th or 5th as soon as gates opened) so I probably got all the stuff they had, the ad list of touring bands was a disgrace to be in the goody bag, people were handing them out in the main arena and they were only ads, and i got 2 of the same ones!
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Re: VIP/Guest Camping

Postby Catey-Cat » Tue Aug 04, 2009 6:52 pm


Arrived at about 2pm on the Friday.
• The guys at the VIP desk were really nice and helpful to us. They took my ticket but not my sisters.
• Both got a goodie bag. Not hugely impressed. T-Shirt was fine... (they gave us a mens due to the tiny size of the girls) hair stuff was not really needed. Nor was the condom or lighter. The booklet was what I would expect for free anyway.
• The myhab was interesting. Plenty of room, nice to have a soft base to sleep on. Was good to be able to have the car close- even though we couldn’t park right next to the myhab.
• Toilets were pretty shambolic. There only ever seemed to be 4 of them that were in a fit state to use at once. REALLY NEED MORE OF THEM AND MORE FREQUENT CLEANING!
• The showers- NEED MORE! My shower was lovely to be honest. I had it nice and hot. My sister reported that her shower controls were the wrong way round, so when she turned it to cold it warmed up. Apparently the lady who was in it in front of her hadn’t discovered this- don’t know if anyone else who had trouble didn’t try this either?
• Security was pretty lax. I got checked mostly, but saw plenty of people walk past me whilst I was being checked. Don’t particularly blame the security people- only 1 person on at a time.
• VIP hospitality. Was nice enough. Seemed to be too many people for the space available though. Didn’t feel overly special. Wasn’t sure what to expect- have to say that the VIP BBQ food was pretty tasty!
• Agree with others that the lack of shopping facilities in VIP felt a bit off. I know that it was only a short walk into the Bohemia area, but if normal camping got to have a few stalls and a supermarket, surely something could have been arranged for VIP. Please arrange for there to be a stall there next year, particularly one that does Tea and Coffee and opens nice and early.
All in all I really enjoyed my VIP camping. Will do it again. :D
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Re: VIP/Guest Camping

Postby erialcgrove » Tue Aug 04, 2009 7:05 pm

Just to add my tuppence worth, which mentions a lot of the same points as previous posters

Good stuff

- Having the car next to the tent
- Five minutes walk to the main arena was great
- The showers (when they worked)

'Could do better' stuff

- I arrived at midday Friday, desk staff were in confusion about FMC etc. Took my ticket off me, told me to pitch my tent then come back for a wristband. Eh?
- No guidance was given as to where I should pitch the tent - sounds dumb but I picked a space, and by the end of the day had been surrounded by other tents. Had I known it would be that crowded I'd have chosen a different spot. More fool me I guess
- The bin next to my tent was not emptied once, all weekend. By Sunday evening there was enough rubbish to fill two bins or more
- Eight showers (some of which promptly broke) for that many campers just wasn't enough
- Security was lax, my wristband wasn't checked half the time and I heard someone say they'd got in with their Download wristband
- Goodie bag was clearly meant for a man - I could have done with swapping the condoms with a lanyard showing the running order of the bands instead
- Why did VIP catering open at noon on Sunday when the bands kicked off at 11.20? Missed a trick there, if they'd opened earlier for coffee and bacon sandwiches they'd have done a roaring trade

All in all, not bad for a first attempt, but the VIP didn't feel very special to me. Then again I might have been sleep deprived thanks to the car stereos still blaring next to my tent at 3.30am :lol:

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Re: VIP/Guest Camping

Postby rahtid » Wed Aug 05, 2009 1:29 am

Regarding the tickets,They had to take them because they needed to scanned,Basically the network did not reach up to where VIP camping was.The ticket box office was the complete other side of the site( over a mile away) where they had the network to scan tickets.
None of the staff were selling the tickets on to mates.To even say such a thing is stupid as all staff had the chance to add people to the VIP Guest list.

FMC - There was no confusion about FMC,They did not have the wrist bands they were a Mile across site(Box Office again) then they decided that VIP Reg would be giving the wrist bands to give to FMC on Saturday

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Re: VIP/Guest Camping

Postby katisphere » Wed Aug 05, 2009 2:10 am

I arrived Thursday in own camping, I don’t know why people are saying they didn’t get in until 4pm, they opened nearly bang on time.

lots of confusion over the FMC but they got wristbands to us and saved us a massive walk

The toilets were terrible and rubbish collection was nearly non-existent, my nearest bin instead of being emptied was just taken away once full and not replaced. other than that the campsite was actually pretty clean.

I felt the staff were really friendly and helpful, I originally went up to make a complaint, I was taken to one side and they took the time to listen to me and explain what they were doing about the problem. I felt a bit bad for them particularly as they were obviously at the front line of all the complaints throughout the weekend about the toilets and buses. On a number of occasions I walked past the desk and heard people shouting at them.

Great idea about the shop, it really lacked a focus point in the campsite
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Re: VIP/Guest Camping

Postby katisphere » Wed Aug 05, 2009 2:24 am

obsolete000 wrote:I’m really REALLY pissed off with the VIP package

VIP = rip off (700 for hotel package and what did I get, sod all) :angry-cussing: :angry-cussing: :angry-cussing:

1. Staff were clueless, I almost got my ticket taken off me & given a standard wristband and I hadn’t even got through the gate yet, good thing I asked!!!
I got shipped over to the VIP area and the staff on the VIP camping entrance were rude and intimidating, they were all sat around eating, talking and just stared at me as I came up to them, bald guy made me walk over to what must have been the artist / press entrance saying that’s where I needed to go, even though he had the hotel lists IN FRONT OF HIM!!!!

2. next came the "goodie bag" how you can call a booklet a "goodie" I will never know as I got one of those when I saw Nine Inch Nails way up in bloody Manchester a few weeks back!!
the guitar hero headband? why not a sonisphere one? I don’t want to give activision free advertisement for their crappy guitar hero!!
then there was the band time I think that speaks for itself...
the T-shirt however... was the only good thing, thumbs up for that.
you SHOULD have included a can of MONSTER ENERGY, you had enough crates of the stuff lying round for the long journey I had just made from Manchester.
AND a key ring of some sort, I saw a big fat ass metal spherical sonisphere one that was awesome AND money off coupons or a free drink or something OR a USB wristband. overall the goodie bag sucked....

3. SO I finally got my wrist band and goodie I was told to walk back and turn right from the VIP camping area, but again they let me down, the guys where rude and said "sorry you are VIP so you have to walk back through camping" WHAT?!?!?!?! all I had to do was walk about 20 metres in a straight line to get to the entrance, but no I had to walk all the way around...seriously...why??

4. walked into the VIP hospitality area and was NOT impressed, you call a child’s play area with a few bits of wood on the floor for a game of jenga is good?...the bar was rubbish, the food was rubbish, the toilets stank, and where was my so called "backstage pass"??? the way you worded it was like we were going to meet bands backstage or see them before they went on stage or something, now I asked a few VIP people and they were under the same impression, we all felt RIPPED OFF!!
also, I tried to take a drink I bought from one of the main stalls and I was told I couldnt take it in?? WHY!!! IM VIP!! WHY SO MUCH RED TAPE!!! WHAT DIFFERENCE WOULD IT HAVE MADE IF I TOOK MY DRINK INTO THE VIP AREA!!!! there was no logic to that at all.

5. TRYING TO GET BACK TO THE VIP SHUTTLE BUS...that was a joke, walking in pitch black, nothing was sign posted, lighting was terrible, I asked a staff member where was the exit and he responded with "the way you came in"....I was shocked... I couldnt believe what he just said, I asked again... and then he gave me a straight answer, yet another rude staff member.

6. In my letter you said that there would be only a few mini busses back to the hotel, the last bus was around 11pm? so I got my bus back at the time stated and was laying in bed still listening to music playing from miles away, the last mini bus dropped someone off at 3.30am!!!!!!!!! I missed a whole 4 hours worth of fun because of your inability to let us VIP's know.

I wont be attending sonisphere ever again, and will encourage anyone considering VIP to just go as a standard as you get nothing but hassle, empty promises and red tape for your money.
I knew I should have gone download..... :angry-cussing: :angry-cussing: :angry-cussing: :angry-cussing: :angry-cussing:

You seem like the fun type... I think most people at Sonisphere would prefer it if you went to Download

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Re: VIP/Guest Camping

Postby maxbabe200303 » Wed Aug 05, 2009 10:53 am

Good Stuff!

VIP a five minute walk from the main arena. I cant even explain how nice this was!
Parking next to your tent, at least a car is a slight bit dryer when your trying to wait out the rain.
There were fewer face to remember so you would quite often bump into the person camping two tents down and would stop for a chat. Very friendly people in VIP!
People are complaining about the showers, yeah the queue was crap, and i mean REALLY crap, but i assure you i did get a hot shower. Think im the only one here who did!
Hospitality area was nice when we were knackered. Somewhere you could actually find a place to sit down, and did music as good as monster camp in the evening. Only downside was the "press" d*ckheads walking around thinking they were frikkin special cos they had a white wristband. Put them in a different area next year please, or just confine them to a tent behind a toilet block please?

Bad Stuff

Theives! No police or security presence at all in the camp area.
Lighting was none existant in ready made tents area
Employ different cleaners for the showers and toilets next year. Some young blonde haired lad and and emo girl took it upon themselves self to clean four toilets at the same time on Saturday, they started at about 9am and were still cleaning the same four at almost 6pm when we popped back to camp.
The blonde haired girl on VIP entrance had some bad ass attitude problem and just stood staring at the queue most of the time instead of serving people.
No shop, or dominoes pizza? Main camp got these?
Goody bag was great, didnt get everything most people did but would have preferred maybe a Sonisphere bandana or something. I dont play guitar hero. Ladies t-shirts were too small and most had to take mens instead.

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Re: VIP/Guest Camping

Postby Its_Too_Hot » Wed Aug 05, 2009 11:00 am

It was my first time camping at a festival, so I wasn't sure what to expect! I didn't get any information on where anything was as I won the tickets, so didn't know about the VIP area :-(

My biggest issue was the toilets, the smell was awful, and some of the I couldn't even face going in as there was toilet roll [and who knows what else!] built up half way up the toilet :o

I'll definately go VIP again, but think they need to add some stuff to make it better! Especially as normal camping had a Domino's and shopping bits!

The goodie bags should have all been done the same, surely? They know how many they need beforehand, so I can't see the issue! I didn't get half the stuff, and my boyfriend got even less! He didn't even get a bandana!

The staff, when I spoke to them, were helpful and friendly! I feel sorry for the being on the front line for complaints!

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Re: VIP/Guest Camping

Postby OLDbutROCKEDlonger » Wed Aug 05, 2009 11:13 am

VIP hospitality area was a superb idea and nicely set out but WAY too small for the people in there (or too many people if you can't extend the area). On a number of occasions the queues for the bar & toilets was worse than the main arena! Maybe media/guests should have their own area? VIP goodie bag content a bit poor and too random! Will definitely consider normal ticket next year & own hotel booking!

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Re: VIP/Guest Camping

Postby Hinome » Wed Aug 05, 2009 12:50 pm

It was a friend and I's first festival, and so we did VIP ready made tent for two.

We got to the site on Thursday at around 4pm, and it was quite quick for us to get in. The Stewards/security were nice (although they kept our tickets, though that has been explained for in one of the above posts) and showed us to our tent quickly.
The goody bag was ok, the T-shirt and bag were a good idea, and the condoms gave us a laugh but we would have appreciated a lanyard which had the set times on instead.

Toilets were nice but some were decimated by the Friday morning, and taking away a block which we got an explanation of 'They weren't meant to be there in the first place.' wouldn't have been as bad if they'd have cleaned them more often.The showers weren't too bad - I got a ice cold/boiling hot one which couldn't decide whether it wanted to freeze or boil it's occupant. In all, there were too few for the whole VIP campsite and at 6.30 in the morning we still had a good half an hour wait before getting into one.

Where was security? We only saw one steward walking past our tent the whole weekend (which was on the Thursday evening!), we were lucky enough to be quite close to the enterance to the VIP ready made tent site so no one bothered us and we didn't have anything stolen. As for wristband checking it was almost non-existent, we were never asked to show our wristbands and were just let to walk through as the security decided it would be better to doze than check who was coming and going on the campsite.

As many have said in the posts above, a shop in the campsite would be appreciated as lugging everything through the arena site was quite annoying. But I can't complain at how close we were to the actual site which was great when we needed to drop anything off at our tent or have a rest - as we could still see and hear the stages going :)

All in all though I've had the best weekend of my life! Got to see some great bands and meet loads of new people and make some new friends.
Will see you next year Sonisphere :D

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Re: VIP/Guest Camping

Postby elaineben » Wed Aug 05, 2009 4:20 pm

was very dissapointed with VIP camping, we arrived saturday morning took our own tent and must admit plenty of room and nice to park the car next to the tent.
But that and the close proximity to the arena were the only advantages.
Goodie bag naff, no medium black t-shirts only beige, what rocker wears beige and everything else was advertising something other than sonisphere.
Tickets taken off you, I like to keep mine, put it on my wall with all my others.
Security was terrible, only got asked for wristband once or twice. No security walking round campsite wtf.
No shop on campsite.
Toilets were looked after better in the arena, ours were disgusting, filthy, no lights, no loo roll, overflowing and not enough of them.
Enjoyed the festival brilliant bands :music but will wait to see what there going to do to improve things before buying tickets next year.

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Re: VIP/Guest Camping

Postby katisphere » Wed Aug 05, 2009 6:37 pm

to whoever wrote "I found the staff on the desk rude, and they only seemed interested in getting drunk. (We were camped only a few yards from the desk)."

Were you camped by the orange tent in the second field, because I think they were Tangerine Field staff pumping up air beds etc

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Re: VIP/Guest Camping

Postby gemma_mc » Wed Aug 05, 2009 9:19 pm

Great place, but more light needed esp on the path to guest as my friend fell in the mud and broke her leg in two places (lol) and yeah the toilets needed to be cleaned more.

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Re: VIP/Guest Camping

Postby Starscream » Wed Aug 05, 2009 10:14 pm

katisphere wrote:to whoever wrote "I found the staff on the desk rude, and they only seemed interested in getting drunk. (We were camped only a few yards from the desk)."

Were you camped by the orange tent in the second field, because I think they were Tangerine Field staff pumping up air beds etc

We were actually camped right next to the VIP camping main entrance. The staff were definitely interested in one think, (and that was drinking).

rahtid wrote:Regarding the tickets,They had to take them because they needed to scanned,Basically the network did not reach up to where VIP camping was.The ticket box office was the complete other side of the site( over a mile away) where they had the network to scan tickets.
None of the staff were selling the tickets on to mates.To even say such a thing is stupid as all staff had the chance to add people to the VIP Guest list.

FMC - There was no confusion about FMC,They did not have the wrist bands they were a Mile across site(Box Office again) then they decided that VIP Reg would be giving the wrist bands to give to FMC on Saturday

Are you naive? Or are you a member of the Sonisphere staff? There are TWO barcodes on a ticket. One on the stub, (which is kept by the venue/festival), and one on the remainder that's given back to the person attending the festival. And if the staff weren't selling on the tickets, can you explain the surge in weekend VIP'ers that suddenly arrived mid sunday morning?

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Re: VIP/Guest Camping

Postby roxie82 » Wed Aug 05, 2009 10:24 pm

Was pleased with VIP, being parked next to tent was a godsend.
defo needed more toilets and showers though.
Not happy that we never got our goody bags, arrived fri eve to be told ran out and come back later, went back about 4 times over weekend to be told same thing! surely its not hard to work out how many were needed!
Had amazing weekend though. :D

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Re: VIP/Guest Camping

Postby Lorrie09 » Thu Aug 06, 2009 7:29 pm

Overall I would go for the VIP Package again, but maybe stay in the hotel as there was 1 right at the entrance.
We found the early entrance great, arrived at round 8 at station and were very few people making their way there then, so empty bus to the site. No queues goin in, however the staff had no bloody clue how we were meant to get to VIP, we knew there was a different entrance, but we ended up having to walk all the way through the site to the other side and everyone we asked roughly knew where to go.
Staff friendly when we got there, tent was allocated immediately, but she took our tickets, never came back with the goodie bag she promised. We did get one on the Friday, but aside from the t shirt, was crap, mine had a bandana, hair wax and dry shampoo, a lil booklet i already had from rock sound, a lighter and condoms. My boyfriend had 2 of everything in his. The shampoo mysteriously disappeared in one and leaked out of another. But is wasnt stuff we would use.

TOILETS, so gross, was a swamp outside one set, lights missing in half, and not very clean. Showers looked grim, so never used them, besides, i heard many complaints bout the ever changing temps, and the queues were ridiculous.

SECURITY, was lacking, the ready made tent area was well spaced and we all knew our neighbours, but i did hear strangers outside our tent on one night talking bout crashing one of the tents, and going into a few others. The girl that always seemed to be stationed on a chair by the entrance from the arena very rarely checked who was coming past. I did enjoy the fact that security never checked bags from our entrance to the arena, so on the last day, we brought our own drink in.

VIP BAR was great, area was always kept clean, including the toilets, and the queues were shorter, bar had a greater selection of drinks and was nice area to shelter from the rain inside. I didnt expect to meet any of the acts, but despite what people have said, they did appear and chat to people, maybe not the huge bands, but we were only there a short while and got pics with Soil and Alien Ant Farm who knows if we had stayed there longer we may have run into more.

LOCATION OF VIP AREA, right next to the arena, so avoided the hill from main camp everyday, but we left early, trying to get out of the camp sunday evening after avenged was ridiculous, the late running shuttle, was rubbish, it stopped at 8, and the only way out was through the arena, which was full as headliners were on. Being stinky, and tired, we just wanted the quickest way out, but no one could tell us how.

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Re: VIP/Guest Camping

Postby FuriePhoenix » Thu Aug 06, 2009 8:07 pm

The entrance/exit between the camping near the main arena was great.

the main festival was awesome, the timing schedule for each band so you dont risk missing one of your fav bands for another fav band is good. other festivals could learn abit from that.


1: Toilets- they were disgusting and not nearly enough of them! And were miles away from most of the main campsite. For people like myself and my mom who had a myhab it was far too faraway. I found most of the main arena toilets more clean and easier to get to during the day than the VIP loos were!

2: MyHabs- werent nearly big enough for 2 or more people to sleep in aswell as having lugguage in them. Although they were warm and waterproof, we had to use our lugguage as pillows so we had room to sleep. Also the foam mattresses were far too thin, we left the festival with terrile back pain which is was less than enjoyable to deal with. The nightlight was pants, we had to pay out for another camping lamp from the camping shop in the other area.

3: GoodieBags: we thought they were okay until we heard what some people got/didnt get in theirs. Mom got 2 GH bandanas, dry shampoo, 2 condoms and a sonisphere "magazine" that we could have gotten in any magazine free weeks prior to the event and a tee. I got 2 condoms, dry shampoo, tee, GH bandana and a sonisphere "magazine". What ever happened to maybe getting a lanyard? or something that says "VIP" on it like download put "RIP" on their free t-shirts??

4: The lack of security checking the wristbands, we just strolled in and out of the vip campsite and only being checked for wristbands about twice throughout the whole weekend.

5: the lack of variety of food on the VIP "barbeque"... being vegetarian and vegan we didnt appreciate only have two options of aubergine or chili cheese. We felt like we were in a pub garden more than a VIP hospitality garden. And not being allowed to go indoors (like the cafe) for shelter from the rain/sun.

6: Lack of lighting to the myhabs and tipis after dark. (Concidering the amount of animal poo that was laying around the campsite, it would have been nice to have seen where we were going so we didnt bring any of it into our myhab and stink the place out!)

All in all, for £720 for this package it was disgracefully poor value for money. we could have gone to the states for a long weekend for that same amount. it put it into context when we realized this.

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Re: VIP/Guest Camping

Postby feeder_fan » Thu Aug 06, 2009 9:44 pm

Brought my 15 year old to his first festival, or rather Rory brought his parents to their first festival! Really really enjoyed it, although there was a steep learning curve with the camping experience. Like not bringing pillows, earplugs, touch/lantern extra blankets with us etc, etc. Rectified this by buying items on the Saturday so getting a better nights sleep than we'd had on the Friday. However, by not wearing earplugs that first night we were party to some very interesting conversations and were quite relieved to hear our female neighbour explaining to male companion that she would not be having tent sex with him that night! Also wasn't a fan of Family Guy and hearing endless shouts of 'buttscratcher' hasn't changed my opinion.

Although the addition of a shop, bar, coffee/tea tent would be nice the lack of these did not affect my enjoyment. I found all the staff I came into contact with polite and helpful. We needed replacement air bed, due to a slow puncture which had nothing to do with tent sex, and got one immediately. My sons friend arrived separately to us, but I had his ticket and the staff were very accommodating in letting his father drive right up to the VIP security gate to hand him over.

I liked the close proximity to the arena site and having our car packed next to the tent was great. I thought we were pretty well spaced out.

The goody bag was a bit of a let down and quite male orientated. As has been mentioned the ladies T-shirts sizes were tiny. I had a medium which was way too small for my voluptuous size 12 figure. What should have been in there but we ended up having to pay £5 for was the time schedules for the 3 main stages. And there obviously was a big mis-understanding about back stage passes, because I was under the impression that that was part of the package as well. Misleading text in the package info text will be responsible for that. All of the above gripes are small and inconsequential as far as I'm concerned because what really PISSED ME OFF was...

..THE TOILETS and SHOWERS. What part of the person/people responsible for organising the VIP experience thought that 8 showers (3 out of order on Sat morning) and 20 unisex toilets for the amount of people accommodated in that area was enough? By Friday night when we arrived the toilets were in a disgusting condition. The cubicles were small and cramped which made manouvering into position so as not to end up with other peoples crap on your body or clothes difficult. Due to their position in the campsite which was on the way to the arena, meant that those worse for wear were abusing the facilities on the way back to their tent at the end of the evening. There should have been at least another 2 toilet and shower blocks in other areas of the site. Not least because those who had paid for the teepee's/yurt's/pastel painted dog kennels had a hell of a trek if they wanted a pee.

I recently paid £36 to get a day pass into a VIP area at an air show. The toilet facilities there were excellent - a row of basins with proper taps, mirrors and constantly full soap dispensers. And good size toilet cubicles. They were monitored regularly by cleaners. There were separate facilities for for men and women.

I echo what others have already said about not feeling special after having paid out a not inconsequential sum of money for a VIP experience. I don't think I'm asking for much, I just wanted a clean toilet and a shower that I didn't have to start queuing for at 6.30 am and one that seemed to be playing a game of guess what temperature I'll be in the next 5 seconds!

Rory and I will be back next year, not sure about his Dad. Sonisphere VIP camping deserves a second chance because I do think they got 85% of it right. By the way I thought Feeder, Linkin Park, A7X, and Metallica were excellent. And the Jagermiester stage had some good young bands on as well, especially liked 'Fin'.

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