Exile - Underground Metal Night! Leicester, Sat 27th April!

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Exile - Underground Metal Night! Leicester, Sat 27th April!

Postby Disincarnated » Sun Apr 21, 2013 6:26 pm

Exile @ Redeemer Clubnights, Extreme / Underground Metal played all night on the middle floor!


£2 discounted entry to the clubnight for the first 15 minutes of the venue being open if you are confirmed as attending on Facebook event
£5 entry all night with no Facebook guestlist or concessions
£2.50 Rock Soc / Gamers Soc / Burlesque Soc / Redeemer Stamp From Pirate Bar

See Facebook event for information on Roadtrippers Offer (For a car full of people to get in £3 all night, plus free soft drinks for designated driver)

For more information and to get your requests in.... FACEBOOK EVENT

On the bottom floor will be the usual mainstream Metal / Alternative!

Example of previous setlist:

(R) = Request

11pm – 12am:

Holy Terror – Distant Calling
Slammer – Johnny’s Home
Pissing Razors – World of Deceit
Soulfly – Gladiator (r)
Kreator – Phantom Antichrist (r)
The Foreshadowing – Havoc
Woods of Ypres – Your Ontario Town is a Burial Ground
Type O-Negative – In Praise of Bacchus (r)
Def Leppard – Rocket (r)
Megadeth – In Mr Darkest Hour (r)
Forbidden – Step By Step (r)

12am – 1am:

Heathen – Bloodkult
Vio-Lence – Calling in the Coroner
Demolition Hammer – Human Dissection
Death – The Philosopher
Kataklysm – Push the Venom (r)
The Nefilim – Penetration (r)
Dethklok – Bloodlines (r)
Anal foo foo – Iron Funeral (r)
Keep of Kalessin – Come Damnation (r)
Nile – Lashed to the Slave Stick (r)
Kreator – Enemy of God (r)
Municipal Waste – The Art of Partying (r)
Intestine Baalsim – Flesh for the Twelfth Omnipotent (r)
Amon Amarth – Twilight of the Thunder God (r)

1am – 2am:

In Flames – Only for the Weak
Children of Bodom – Every Time I Die
Lamb of God – Set to Fail
Cavalera Conspiracy – Sanctuary
Pantera – Drag the Waters
Hatebreed – I Will Be Heard
Life of Agony – River Runs Red
Exodus – War is My Shepard
Testament – D.N.R. (Do Not Resuscitate)
Municipal Waste – Headbanger Face Rip (r)
Dethklok – Awaken (r)
Cannibal Corpse – Evisceration Plague (r)
Bloodbath – Eaten (r)
Kataklysm – The Resurrected (r)
Carcass – Heartwork (r)
At The Gates – Slaughter of the Soul (r)
Behemoth – Ov Fire and the Void (r)
Triptykon – Shatter (r)

2am – 3am:

Dimmu Borgir – Puritania
Machine Head – Struck a Nerve (r)
Kreator – Violent Revolution (r)
Death – Symbolic (r)
Ministry – Just One Fix
Fear Factory – Edgecrusher (r)
Pantera – frakking Hostile (r)
Slayer – War Ensemble (r)
Sepultura – Refuse/Resist
Dio – Holy Diver (r)
Danzig – Mother (r)
Judas Priest – Breaking the Law (r)

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