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Free Arena Pass!!!

Postby rockgeek » Sat Jul 25, 2009 9:57 am

Right, now that we have your attention, please read the below to make sure your question hasn't already been answered. In addition, please read the website and the other questions/answers in this forum.

Whilst we try to answer the questions as best we can, as quickly as we can, people who have not done a bit of work to find their answer not being answered as quickly as those who have geuine questions that have not already been answered

What can we take into the arena?
Needs Approving: You can take food and soft drinks in sealed bottles. No alcohol is allowed to be taken in. Disposable and reasonable compact digital cameras are permitted but no professional / semi professional camera equipment (including sound recording devices and camcorders) will be allowed.

Can day ticket holders access the arena at any time?
Needs Approving: Yes, providing the arena is open you will be able to access it.

Where is the site map?
Needs Approving: A site map will be available for download shortly from the main site.

Stage Times?
Needs Approving: These will be made available when they are ready and is unlikely to be much before the event takes place.


Which headliner is on what night?
This information is not available yet.

How will the stages be laid out?
Stages will be positioned one at each end.

What times do bands finish?
Bands will finish on Bohemia at midnight. Mainstagers we understand are to finish at 11

Will there be a Golden Circle?

What time will the stages stop playing?
Outdoor stages will cease entertainment at around 11pm which is the standard UK Outdoor Curfew time.

Distance between arena and Campsites?
The whole festival is contained in the Knebworth site, so everything is pretty much in close location to everything else.

What time will it be open?
11AM on Saturday and Sunday. The arena will be separated from Bohemia by a temporary fence, which will be removed when the arena opens.

Tell us about the layout
The Bohemia area is adjacent to the main campsites and early bird, and houses the tented 3rd stage – there is no campsite stage.

The 2 main stages are now called (provisionally) The Main stage, and Stage 2, in order of walking from the main campsites – bohemia → 2nd → main. The 2nd and main stages do not face each other, the main is over a small hill from the second but the walk is only 2 minutes – with ample room to avoid crushing.

The Main stage is only a 5-8 minutes walk from the back of the main campsite, barring ticket checks/crowds etc...

Have the organisers twigged that if they do have a stage at each end and don’t get the distances between the stages right this could be horrifically dangerous as everyone turns around and pegs it to the other side of the arena?
There is plenty of space between the two stages. There will not be any need to rush from one mainstage to the other.

There has been some confusion as to how the two mainstages will work. Although NIN and Heaven and Hell are sub-headliners, it appears that they are not playing second to last overall - that role is taken by Avenged Sevenfold and Bullet for my Valentine. Is this correct? If so, will the band headlining mainstage two have a longer set time than the sub-headliner/penultimate band on mainstage 1?
Correct. The Sunday will go NIN, then A7X, then Metallica. The set times will be worked out nearer to the festival, but it is anticipated that the sets will be of similar length for the last band on mainstage 2 and second-last band on mainstage 1.

How is the 3rd stage going to work alongside the other 2? Apparently the acts are arranged to not conflict musically with the mainstages. Does this mean clashes? Or will the bands be on afterhours?
The original plan was to just have comedy and silent disco amongst other things, but we decided to make use of it for the rest of the weekend by putting some bands on it. Bands will run from midday to midnight on the Saturday and Sunday, with the bands scheduled so as to not conflict musically with the bands on the mainstages. Therefore there will be clashes, but only between the two mainstages and Bohemia. No mainstages bands will clash with each other. The bigger Bohemia bands (Corey etc...) will be scheduled so they will not clash with a huge name on the main stage, possibly taking an early set. Bohemia will get gradually quieter: noisy until main closes, then comedy, then silent disco till 0300, funfair runs as late as they are.

Will there be any big screens either side of both of the stages?
Yes. Big screens either side of mainstage one and one to the right of mainstage two. This will become the cinema screen after the bands have finished.

What are your thoughts on potential flag bans in the arena? Either a ban on them right at the front of the stage or maybe just a message on the screens reminding people with flags to be a bit considerate towards others around them?
We like the flags but not when they’re being waved in front of people at the front of the stage. We will not ban the flags being taken into the arena or campsite, but we will make sure that the stewards down the front have a quiet word with those causing a nuisance with their flags during the band’s set.

How long will the anticipated gap between bands be?
5-10 minutes

What will the barrier set ups be?
A ‘T’ barrier for mainstage one and a normal barrier for mainstage two and the Bohemia stage. No secondary barrier for mainstage two and nothing that requires special wristbands to get into areas in front of barriers.

Will there be texting onto the big screen?
This will be looked into.

Disabled Access - How is it going to work? Will there be 2 separate platforms for each stage. Moving back and forth from each stage could be awkward for them.
Special needs campers will have their own separate entrance and separate campsite, near the VIP section. There will be two platforms available to enable those with special needs to watch bands on the two mainstages. It was stressed that those customers with special needs should get in touch with the organisers prior to the festival to ensure that the organisers can cater for their needs and sort out their requirements. The Sonisphere Team will be working with a group called ‘Attitude is Everything’ who will be carrying out a survey of the site and then liaising accordingly regarding the best routes for the customers requiring special needs. The definition of ‘special needs customers’ includes those in wheelchairs, those with bad back, or other physical impediments. Those who fall into this category should consult the website for a telephone number/email that will also be sent out with tickets.

Shade - Assuming the 2 Main Stages are open air, people will be out in the sun all day. A lot of people like to pop into tent stages at other festivals to get out the sun for a bit, will any shaded points be around the site?
One potential solution is to have a marquee or a seated area with chairs and tables to give the bar areas a beer garden feel.

There will be the two mixing desks in the centre of the arena and there will also be bars, merchandise, and catering areas to provide shade. On top of that, there will be trees providing adequate shade around the arena and Bohemia.

Are there any sound restrictions as to noise curfew? If so, how late?
Yes. Mainstages to finish at 11. Bohemia can run on at a lower level until 2 or 3 in the morning.

With regard to crowdsurfing (including those in inflatable boats!): will anyone doing it be evicted? Will persistent offenders be evicted? Will offenders be taken out the back and be made to go the long way around to get back to the crowd? They're doing this at Reading. Effectively if you crowdsurf to get out because you're cramped/hot etc then you can have a breather. if you are doing it for the lulz, then you get take out a way which means it'll take ages for you to get back... so you could miss 5/10 minutes of the show.
Those who crowdsurf persistently run the risk of being ejected from the festival.

Bohemia Village

Tell us more about it.
The Bohemia area is adjacent to the main campsites and early bird, and houses the tented 3rd stage –there is no. campsite stage. It houses the Monster Army Rock Camp and there will be a funfair. The tented 3rd stage also has comedy and Silent Disco. It can run as late as 2 or 3 in the morning depending on the demand.

What days will the bands be performing and how will it work alongside the two mainstages?
Saturday and Sunday from midday to midnight.

Will there be any bands playing on the Thursday? It would seem a bit unfair on those who cannot do early entry if they would miss say Corey Taylor or Attack! Attack!
No live bands of any sort on Thursday and Friday as there is no licence in place for live bands on these two days.

Millets had a camping stall at Reading last year (had to use it to buy a tent) - what chance of there being something like this in Bohemia?
There will be something like Joe Bananas stall which will sell camping essentials.

There is discussion of people going off-site to the local supermarkets to stock up on booze and food. Could a supermarket have a stall in Bohemia?
There will be a supermarket on site which contains everything required.

Non Music Entertainment

Rugby - A team of sonisphorumers would like a rugby match, similar to the football to be arranged on an alternate day to the footy. Is this something that the organisers could help arrange?
No FKN way! We will end up with too many injuries.

Football - What is the set up of this going to be and how will it be managed?
Sonisfootball is go! The boardies are already organising it, balls and goals to be provided. The boardies will be left to organise the teams and referees and Sonisphere Organisers will provide you with somewhere to play it.

How will the Guitar Hero Competition work?
The Guitar hero competitions will be arranged with Activision soon. Involving three onstage duel-offs in between bands with try-it Pods and heats held in Bohemia. At the end of the weekend, the winners go backstage to meet the band.

Cinema - What films will there be? Can we have a list and vote on what we want to be screened?
There is a voting process going on either via the forums and/or Facebook. Final list of what’s popular to be put forward and the organisers will ascertain whether they can obtain the most popular choices.

What rides are likely to be brought in on the funfair?
Standard stuff such as dodgems, waltzers, white knuckle, arcade, and big bungee thing.


Will there be tattoo artists available? What about semi-permanent tattoo sellers?

Some gigs and festivals use bluetooth to download information, news, updates, and lineup times onto your mobile phone. Would this be something worth doing?
We are year 1 into the festival and do not feel that this is something to do yet.

Maybe a text service to find out who is playing now or next, maybe extended to text the band name to find out what time, what stage etc?
A text service is being looked into along with possibly a live Twitter service to a screen in the information tent to keep people updated about bands that have pulled out on the day or bands switching sets.

Signing Tent / Meet and Greets - Will either of these be happening?
We will look into these.

Will there be any points to recharge your phone over the weekend?
Inside the lockers only.

Will there be a sufficient amount of cash machines available?

What sort of toilets will be on site and will they be monitored by security? Will they be the same in the campsite and the arena or will there be one variety in the campsite and one in the arena?
Polyjohns will be used for campsite and arena. They will be joined together to prevent overturning. There will not be any longdrops.

Can we have free condoms available onsite? Maybe from the Main Information Tent / Welfare Tent?
We are looking into this.

We presume that there will be first aid tents - how many are there likely to be? Will there be St Johns Ambulance and local police presence just in case?
Yes. There will be St Johns Ambulance presence on site and there will be police presence. There will be an onsite field hospital as well as an onsite police station.

Welfare sections - are there going to be any volunteer groups involved (such as Salvation Army etc) with a tent in say the Bohemia Village? This has worked quite well at Reading.
Samaritans, Ministry of Welfare and Sonisfriends. There is a potential idea of having some sonisfriends on tennis umpire chairs at the entrance with ‘Ask me I’m here to help’ t-shirts and they can help direct the arrivals to wherever they need to get to. The chairs will be fixed down. Another service being looked at is a wheelbarrow service where you pay £5 to rent a wheelbarrow at the entrance to take your bits to wherever you are camped. A volunteer will accompany you and then take the barrow from you once it has been unloaded.

Some festivals have introduced 'left luggage' areas where people can secure certain items. Is this something you are considering for Sonisphere?
We are looking into this

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