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Free Food and Drink!!!

Postby triaxis » Sat Jul 25, 2009 2:49 pm

Right, now that we have your attention, please read the below to make sure your question hasn't already been answered. In addition, please read the website and the other questions/answers in this forum.

Whilst we try to answer the questions as best we can, as quickly as we can, people who have not done a bit of work to find their answer not being answered as quickly as those who have geuine questions that have not already been answered

What are the age restrictions on alcohol?
Needs Approving - A festival still has to abide by the law. You must be at least 18 years old to purchase or consume alcohol

How much can we bring?
Needs Approving - You can bring into the campsites however much booze you can carry. No glass bottles are allowed on site at all, and these will be confiscated.

Will there be a supermarket?
Needs Approving - There will be a supermarket situated in the campsites area, which should provide everything you need.

Needs Approving - Sonisphere will see BBQ pits in place for you to cook with, please do not use BBQs around your camp, please use the BBQ Pits made available.

Bars and Food Outlets

Will it be tokens or cash payment for the bars at Sonisphere? How will it work if it's going to be tokens?
Cash only. No tokens.

Will there be any seating/beer garden type areas?
There will be a bar/garden/seating area at one of the bars in Bohemia.

What drinks will be on sale on site? In particular, what lager, cider, and spirits will be available at the bars?
Carlsberg will be the lager. Gaymers will be the cider. Jagermeister will be available. Bitter will also be available and there will be a full bar service.

What range of food will be available? Will it be the standard burger vans, spud wagons, toastie vans, and pizza wagons that you would expect to find at a festival?
The more popular ones listed above will be there along with vegetarian options, falafel, cafes, and meat pies. A pizza carry out service is also being looked into.

Will food and drinks prices be capped and monitored? Are there any plans to publish the prices list in advance of the festival? Can these be kept to a reasonable level?
Yes. Prices will be published on the website in advance of the festival. There is a set tariff agreed with the company that the catering and bars are done through. It will be £3.50 a pint. £3 for jagermeister. We are not able to reduce the price of the pint.

Lager Carry Out Bar, moderate success at Reading where you could get a crate of 24 cans ice cold lager onsite?
There will be something called a ‘Slab Bar’ where you can get a crate of cold Carlsberg onsite for £30

Cold Beer Amnesty - replace warm lager with an ice cold can - any plans for this? Maybe also have one for warm cider with ice cold cider?
Carling did this and it is not something that Sonisphere will be doing.

Can we get walking cold beer / cider dispensers?
We are looking into this.

We have had free Snickers and Muller Rice in the past at Download. Anything like that happening at Sonisphere? Maybe have a sponsor interested in giving out free food or drink samples?
No Snickers or Muller Rice, but we will look into free samples and advise in due course.

Some of the forum have suggested Margaherita Slushes - any chance that these could be served at Sonisphere?
We will investigate. On the subject of ice, this is something that we will also investigate as a means for keeping beers cool or maybe a service to keep cool packs frozen by taken them off you for however long it takes to refreeze. Both options will be considered.
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