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Free Camping Ticket!!!

Postby rockgeek » Sat Jul 25, 2009 10:13 am

Right, now that we have your attention, please read the below to make sure your question hasn't already been answered. In addition, please read the website and the other questions/answers in this forum.

Whilst we try to answer the questions as best we can, as quickly as we can, people who have not done a bit of work to find their answer not being answered as quickly as those who have geuine questions that have not already been answered

Can we drive to the campsite to offload our stuff?
Main campsites - No the campsites are for authorised site vehicles and pedestrians only, you will have to park your car in the designated car parks and walk with your stuff to the campsites / setting up area. We suggest you invest in a wheelbarrow or Sack Barrow :P Wheelbarrows should also be available to hire from the car park.

Rock Royalty campsite - you can park your car by your tent / pod pad etc.

Accesible campsite - you can park next to your tent.

When do we have to leave?
You are required to have vacated site no later than 12 midday on the Monday

What if I arrive in the middle of the night?
Providing you have a camping ticket you can enter the campsites at any time. If you arrive after wristband exchange has closed you will need to go back and see them the next morning before you can get entry to Bohemia or the arena

Last Minute Camping / Car Parking Passes?
You will be able to buy a camping upgrade or car parking pass on site. These will likely cost more than if you bought them in advance.

Can we go in and out of the campsites?
You are free to leave the campsites should you wish, however leaving the Knebworth site itself is not advised on foot, due to the nearest town being across a motorway junction. You are free to leave site by car from the carpark should you wish to do so but bear in mind your parking space may not be there when you get back.

Those with VIP tickets ONLY and camping in VIP are permitted to park next to their tent.[/color]


Can we pitch tents near our campervan?
You may pitch one tent of reasonable size next to your campervan. Where the term reasonable size is used, please use your own discretion a 6 man tent for 1 person is not reasonable and you may be asked to remove your tent if is classified as not of reasonable size.

Where can we camp if we have early entry?
Thank goodness 2010 wont have the same set up as 2009 for EE Holders! From the official website: Early Entry ticket holders will have the benefit of being able to set their tents up anywhere in the main campsites. People who wish to camp in the Family Camping area (see below) can also arrive on Thursday and camp in the family camping area if they have both an Early Entry ticket and a Family Camping ticket. Please note though that Early Entry tickets have a limited capacity.

How will this be laid out?
The main camp site is split into areas such as Yellow 1, 2 etc, Indigo 1, 2, etc...There are also separate wristbands/campsites for campervans, VIPs, those with Special needs, and there will be a family camping area which will be further from Bohemia than the other standard camping areas.

Will there be watchtowers or fire breaks or a campsite cabin for each areas of the campsite? These could double up as meeting points?
Yes. There will be observation towers with a gazebo at the bottom. These will have stewards and security. There will also be a crew of volunteers known as Sonifriends to help out in the event of any assistance required. There will also be a special ‘crimestoppers-style’ number to call in the event that you see anything suspicious that you want to report.

Will the campsites be opening one field at a time or will it be free-for-all camping?
The campsite occupancy will be managed. It is likely that afterthe EE people have set up that the fields are then closed again till the Friday when they will be opened in a managed way.

What campsite entertainment is there going to be in addition to the Bohemia Village (if any)?
None. All entertainment will be within Bohemia and the Arena.

Following on from the point above re first aid and welfare - would it be a good idea to have a cabin/tent/gazebo in each campsite so that if there are accidents or problems, campers won't have far to walk to the first aid/welfare point? Maybe have a 'manager' to deal with these.
Dealt with above.

Can we have a list on the website prior to the festival of what is and what is not allowed in the campsite? Certain items such as gazebos and gas canisters are permitted at some festivals but not all of them.
There will be a comprehensive list of what to bring and what to not bring. Gas is not permitted and will not be sold anywhere at the festival. Cans are allowed in the campsite, but not the arena or Bohemia. Glass is not allowed on site. Gazebos will not be allowed. Drugs will not be allowed as they’re as illegal at a festival as they are anywhere else. Also, people are advised to be sensible as to the size of the tents they bring (i.e. 2 people in an 8 man tent is ridiculous and should be avoided). Bags will be searched on arrival for any items not permitted. No containers will be provided on arrival to enable you to transfer glass bottles.

Following on from that, what cooking items are allowed? The FAQ on the website states that disposable bbqs, hexi-block style cookers but no liquid fuels or gas canisters will be permitted. What about trangia stoves - will they be allowed?
Solid fuel burners only. Trangia stoves and any other stoves that run on liquid fuel are not permitted.

Will there be showers in the campsite? And will they be open 24/7 or will there be restrictions on time when they can be used?
There will be showers, but they will not be open 24/7. Hours to be decided.

Will campfires be allowed?
No. And there will be no communal campfires.

Are caravans allowed?
No, only self propelled campervans will be permitted. If it needs a car to pull it then it is not permitted.

Can Rock Royalty campers access standard camping if they want to hang out with their mates and can they take alcohol in there?
Rock Royalty people will be able to walk through the arena and Bohemia (which never closes) to the campsite for the entire weekend after 6pm on Thursday. When the arena is closed there will be an alternative route available. Please note that you cannot take alcohol from VIP to Standard through the arena and vice versa as you cannot take your own alcohol into Bohemia/Arena.

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Re: Free Camping Ticket!!!

Postby Zac » Wed Jan 27, 2010 4:46 pm

All checked and changes made to make it relevant for 2010.

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