Fifi's festival tips for beginners!

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Fifi's festival tips for beginners!

Postby Fifi » Tue Jul 01, 2014 7:17 pm

Ok Im going to share some of my festival tips based on years of practice...feel free to ignore or redicule but some people might find them useful ;) Those of you who plan on going into a coma just ignore this stuff :)

1. Personally I always get my festival band on my left hand for hygienic reasons - no offence but most of us wipe our asses with our right hand and festival bands tend to have long strings and theres no where to wash your hands after you go......take this as you will but its definitely a better option :)
2. Pack your sleeping bag in a plastic bag during the day - i usually keep all my clothes and sleeping stuff in black sacks as this stops them from getting damp. Damp is not your friend when its cold and you might be trying to get warm and sleep
3. When you get to the campsite - it may look busy but dont just stick your tent in the first spot you see if its a rubbish spot! Keep walking - theres almost always a better spot somewhere else and you will regret it all weekend when you pitch your tent in a crap spot and cant be bothered moving it! Aim for something flat with grass underneath it if possible
4. Pop up tents rock - super quick to put up and down expecially if its raining but always get a double layered tent
5. For girls - i reckon its way easier to pee in a portaloo when wearing a skirt :)
6. Dont camp too close to the toilets - it may seem the convienient option but it also means you will be near the stink, noise and people will squash by your tent to reach the toilets all night.
7. Bring rehydration tablets - zero, nuun, dyralyte - these are your friend in combatting a hangover!
8. When you pitch your tent take proper note of where you have put it. chances are that millions of extra tents will have arrived when you are trying to find it so try and use permenant fixtures as markers to find your way back.
9. If you get wet - change your clothes - never do to bed wet or damp - you would be better off naked in your sleeping bag than in damp clothes
10. Dont be a dumbass - the rules are no glass, i cant get over the amount of newbies who rock up with their vodka and assume they will sneak it in - just put it in a plastic bottle and save the arguement.
11. No glass also means no beer bottles - amazing how many people decant their spirits and rock up with cases of beer bottles :)
12. Suncream - the vast array of luminous people at download made for hilarious people watching but you dont want to be on the end of the ridicule!
13. If you are bringing lots of stuff bring a trolley or travel will not get over the jealousy of those dragging stuff and how much easier your life will be - esp with crates of beer!
14.Make friends with your neighbours - and when you rock up if they seem unfriendly then camp elsewhere. Making friends is key to festival success - its always good to banter with your neighbours but can keep an eye on eachothers stuff when hanging around the campsite!
15 - dont be an idiot - if its valueable dont bring it or get a locker and lock it away
16. dont wear new shoes!
17. for the record...moshing is a fine art that needs to be honed...if you havent tried it before the aim is not to smash up the people around you and if you try this you will find yourself smashed up instead!
18. Sonisphere is definitely better than Download....any alternative answer is unacceptable and will lead to extermination!
19. Have lots of fun .....and dont be a dick to strangers :) It is possible to do both!

Ok thats it for now!
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Re: Fifi's festival tips for beginners!

Postby welshAC_81 » Tue Jul 01, 2014 7:46 pm

Wise words Fi! :D
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