Arena-only ticket holders access to campsites

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Arena-only ticket holders access to campsites

Postby The Angry Koala » Fri Jan 17, 2014 10:28 am

Will arena only ticket holders be directed around the outside of the camping areas in 2014 rather than being allowed (and at times actually directed by stewards) to walk straight through as in previous years?

Not only does it make a mockery of having arena only tickets (and charging £35 extra for camping tickets) if you are then going to send these people through the campsite anyway - and lets face it, once people are sent into the campsite no-one is actually going to check they come out the other end rather than staying there - but it also increases the number of thefts from tents and the likelihood that anything stolen will be removed from the site fairly immediately, making it impossible to even trace/recover items.

This is a concern that was brought up both after 2010 and 2011 and unfortunately for 2014 you also have to add in the Prodigy factor.

I am certainly not tarring all Prodigy fans with the same brush - I'm looking forward to seeing them again myself - but when the Prodigy play festivals, historically two things do tend to occur:

1) You get more day ticket arena only sales for (in this case) the Friday as you get dance music fans who have no interest in the rest of the (rock/metal based) line-up who are prepared to buy a day ticket just to watch the Prodigy; and,

2) In the past, statistics have been produced which appear to show a trend of increased crime on festival sites (thefts, pick-pocketing, disturbances) when the Prodigy play.

Why this appears to be the case and whether these statistics are still available I really don't know - #inb4someonesayssource - but that's not really my point.

The general organisation, the police and security have, in the past, been great at Sonisphere but the issue of ensuring the campsites are only populated by those who should be there is the one area which does seem to have been lacking in previous years, and one which I would hope is being addressed for this year's festival.

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