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Free Tickets!!!

Postby zee » Wed Dec 09, 2009 6:56 pm

Right, now that we have your attention, please read the below to make sure your question hasn't already been answered. In addition, please read the website and the other questions/answers in this forum.

Whilst we try to answer the questions as best we can, as quickly as we can, people who have not done a bit of work to find their answer not being answered as quickly as those who have geuine questions that have not already been answered

Will there be tickets for sale at the gate?
Needs Approving - Providing they are not sold out, there will be a box office on site selling tickets, but this is not guaranteed, if all tickets have gone when you turn up, that's just how it goes. You are best to buy before hand to guarantee you aren't left disappointed and miles from home!

I have a VIP Ticket, what does this include?
Needs Approving - If you have a VIP ticket, you can camp and park next to your tent and have access to your vehicle at all times to leave site should you wish. You will also have access to the Rock Royalty (VIP) Area.

Do I have to buy Early Entry and Car Parking separately?
Yes you do. Please follow the links on the following page to purchase -

Are there plans to release Day Tickets?
There are no plans at the moment to release Day Tickets.

I got a free ticket for 2010 from pimping my FMC Code .... how will I get this ticket?
You will hear about this in due course, so you will have to wait for this information. It is being sorted.

When I bought my 2010 Ticket there was no where to put my FMC Code?
You should have used the link on the main homepage to buy your tickets using your FMC Code. If you were unable to provide your FMC Code please email

Is there information on Disabled Tickets?
One carer per disabled ticket holder. The booking and information line is 0115 959 7959 . Each booking is dealt with on an individual basis so please do call to discuss your needs or concerns

Poland Ticket?
The offer of a free poland sonisphere ticket with a uk weekend purchase was limited, but large in numbers. Once you have purchased your ticket for 2010 please follow the link to register for your Poland ticket .... ... cket-free/

Deposit - Paying the balance?
The entire balance of your ticket must be paid by 31st May and paid in one go. If you have booked tickets on the deposit scheme for your friends in the same order, the whole lot needs to be paid at once, you cannot pay in dribs and drabs or individually

Is Family Camping included in the Deposit Scheme?
Wanna work at festivals this year? Check it OUT!
Fancy dreads for Festival Season? PM me for hand made woolen dreads :) Any length, any colour!

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