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Second hand tickets

Postby _Haden_ » Fri Jun 06, 2014 5:34 pm


In the past year one of my friends has had time off work because he dislocated his shoulder, and as a result his company isn't allowing him any more time off work to go to Sonisphere. He has already bought his ticket, and I have purchased it off of him for two reasons; Firstly so a good ticket won't go to waste, and secondly so i myself can go to the festival. My question to you is that myself (Haden) and my friend (Ben) both have different first and last names. Despite the fact i have bought the ticket off of him, will there be any problems with me going to the festival using a ticket which is bought under a different name to mine? The ticket was also bought alongside Coach travel with the big green coach company. Ben has tried to contact the company asking to make amendments to the tickets (change the ticket details from his name to mine). They have responded and said that there is just 3 weeks until the festival (despite the fact there being 28 days) and as a result of this they can't make any amendments to the tickets. Could you please get back to me on what Ben and I are supposed to do in our situation.

Many thanks, Haden.

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